Day 187: Felt Treasure Hunt Game


Supplies: Felt, scissors, embroidery needle, embroidery thread, paper, pen

Time: 30-45 minutes

I’m excited to be living in New York for many reasons. It’s a happening place with lots of opportunities, it’s home to my great new job, and I get to spend time with my great cousins Craig, Gabi, and Juliette. Tonight I got to babysit Juliette while Mom and Dad went to the theater and we had a great time! She’s such a sweetie! Once I had a babysitter who made a treasure hunt game for my brother and me and I remember absolutely loving it. I thought it would be fun to make a treasure hunt for Juliette and, of course, I decided to make it with felt.

I started by cutting small rectangles of felt. They were each about 1.5″x 2.5″, but the size isn’t that important. They just need to be small enough to hide but big enough for a little kid to find.

You’ll be making a pouch for each clue, so you’ll need two felt rectangles for each clue. Before sewing the pouches I embroidered the clue number on the front of each pouch.

Then I sewed up the pouches. These don’t have to look absolutely perfect. The kids won’t care!

Then plan out your treasure hunt. Mine started at the guitar and ended up in Juliette’s play tent. I wrote out my clues and even made them rhyme! You’ll have one clue that doesn’t have a pouch that you’ll start with. That one will take you to the pouch clue trail.

Then place a clue in each pouch. Make sure they’re in the right order!

Give the kiddo the first clue and get started! Have a prize waiting at the last hiding spot. Juliette got a painting book!

I think Juliette enjoyed her treasure hunt and she definitely had fun with the book, but I think she enjoyed the pouches most of all! She spent so much time taking each clue out and putting each one back into a pouch. Maybe I should just make a pouch stuffing game! I’m so excited to have a kid to craft for! And I’m even more glad it’s my new buddy Juliette!



Ps- I just realized day 183 was the official halfway mark!











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