Day 185: Origami Tulip


Supplies: Origami paper, flat surface, something to crease the paper (I don’t like to use my fingernail)

Time: 10-15 minutes

Today we have another origami tutorial. This one is pretty cool because you get to inflate it! It was a little tricky, but I got it eventually. The next tutorial will be for a little green stem you can put the tulip on. As with the origami owl I will show you my pictures and send you to the properly explained tutorial here. This one even comes with a video that I found quite helpful. Here are some pictures of my attempt.

The water bomb base.

Folded up a little bit.

Tucking in the flaps to make the flower inflatable.

The inflated tulip.

Ready to peel the petals back.

Finished bloom!

It’s a tulip! You can make your own with the cool instructions here. Check out the next post for a stem to display your tulip.




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