Day 184: Origami Owl


Supplies: 1 piece of square origami paper, scissors, flat surface

Time: 10-15 minutes

I know I’ve been updating pretty sporadically lately and, unfortunately, that might continue for a week or so. Fortunately, it’s for a good reason. I’ve finally accomplished the long, drawn out process of moving to New York! I started working at Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn on Monday and everyone there is very lovely. It’s going to be a great job and I’ll get a discount on food while getting paid to exercise! Unfortunately, I have yet to find an apartment, so most of my craft stuff is still with the rest of my things in my parents’ garage. I have a little sewing box full of supplies that will (hopefully) get me by until the rest of the stuff arrives. One of the supplies in my box is origami paper. Since I’m staying with my cousins in Brooklyn I thought I’d make a few little origami things for two-year-old Juliette! Today’s paper craft is a little orange owl. Since I have almost thirty pictures for this post and a limited grasp on origami and how to explain it, I’m going to give you highlight pictures and a link to the very easy-to-use instructions I followed.

"Water bomb base"

Parallelogram thing.

Owlish shape.


Owl face!

Feet! The use of scissors kind of stops it from being true origami,but it's still cute.

Little ear things from behind.

Hoooooo! Owl!

Maybe you could do a little owl pun for Valentine’s Day? Whoooooo loves you? Me, that’s whoooooo! 😉 Here’s the page of origami greatness again.





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