Day 183: Embroidery Day 9- Couching


Supplies: Fabric, heavy embroidery thread or yarn, thin thread, embroidery hoop, scissors

Time: Varies

Allow me to introduce you to couching. It’s a new embroidery technique for me as well, but I can definitely see myself using it frequently. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Pull the heavy thread or yarn through hole 1.

Stretch the heavy thread all the way across the hoop to make a long line of thread on the fabric. Push the needle through hole 2 and tie off the thread in the back.

Then thread your needle with the thin thread and pull the needle through the fabric below the heavy thread near hole 1.

Cross over the heavy thread and bring the needle back through the fabric very close to the original hole beneath the heavy thread.

This will secure the heavy thread in place. Continue making small stitches like this along the heavy thread.

You could use contrasting threads to make a statement or you could use similar colors if that suits your fancy.

I really love this technique! It’s meant to be used when you want to embroider with either a thread that’s too heavy to go through the fabric or a thread that’s very expensive. Apparently it was often used with gilded threads because less of the fancy thread is used when it just lays on top of the fabric rather than weaving in and out. I like a craft with a back story and this is right up my alley. Be on the lookout for a nice couched piece soon!




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