Day 179: Embroidery Day 5- Stem Stitch


Supplies: Fabric, embroidery thread, embroidery needle, embroidery hoop, scissors

Time: Varies

The next straight stitch in the embroidery series is the lovely stem stitch. It’s my personal favorite and I use it quite frequently.

Pull the thread up through hole 1.

Skip hole 2 and push the needle back through hole 3. Don’t pull the thread all the way through.

Pull the needle back up through hole 2 to the side of the thread “loop” and pull the thread tight.

Go back down through hole 4 and leave the thread loose.

Go back up through hole 3, making sure the needle is on the same side of the thread as the last stitch. Pull the thread so it’s tight against the fabric. Continue with this pattern until you finish your line.

So, it turns out this one doesn’t look great when you make the stitches extra big, but it looks like a tiny braided rope when you make normal-sized stitches. Also, don’t use this stitch for particularly small text. I wasn’t planning on embroidering the words when I wrote them, so I made the letters kind of small. But it’s great for larger text. You could also pair it with the simple flower from a couple days ago and make a beautiful stemmed flower.




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