Day 178: Embroidery Day 4- Back Stitch


Supplies: Fabric, embroidery thread, embroidery needle, embroidery hoop, scissors

Time: Varies

Today I’m starting a series of straight stitch embroidery tutorials. We’ll start with the backstitch. I made a little numbered system to explain the stitches more simply, so get  your embroidery hoop loaded with fabric and thread your needle!

Pull the thread up through hole 1.

Then push the needle back down through hole 2.

Pull the thread back up through hole 3.

Push the needle back down through hole 2.

Go back up through hole 4…

And down through hole 3.

Continue with that pattern until you finish your line.

I like to use the backstitch when I want a very obvious embroidery look. The individual stitches are easy to see and they have a very crafty feel to them. I don’t usually use the backstitch for lettering, but I did for this post and it actually worked really nicely with the tiny letters. It’s a good, simple stitch for good, simple projects.




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