Day 176: Embroidery Day 2- Simple Flowers


Supplies: Fabric, embroidery thread, embroidery needle, embroidery hoop, scissors

Time: Less than 5 minutes

Next in the embroidery series is a simple flower! It’s one of the first things I learned when I started embroidering and it’s really easy to do.

I recommend starting with dots drawn on the fabric to guide you, but you can use an embroidery pen that will disappear. There should be one dot in the middle and five evenly spaced dots around that one. Eventually you won’t have to use dots anymore. Start by pulling the threaded needle through the middle dot.

Stick the needle back down through the same hole

Pull the thread through until you have about a 1 inch loop of thread. Stick the needle through one of the outer dots on the fabric with the needle in the middle of the loop.

Pull the thread to make the loop smaller, but don’t pull it tight! If you make the loop too tight it’ll look more like a line than a loop.

Bring the thread over the loop and push the needle back through the same hole to anchor the loop.

And you have one petal done! Repeat that process with the other four dots/petals.

Add a little embellishment by making a french knot in the middle of the flower.

Sit back and show off your new skills!




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