Day 175: Embroidery Day 1- French Knots


Supplies: Fabric, embroidery thread, embroidery needle, embroidery hoop, scissors

Time: Practically no time at all

I’m back! I apologize for the longer-than-anticipated hiatus from crafting. I ended up staying in New York a lot longer than expected, but I’m home now and ready to craft again! The good news of the trip: I got a job at Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn! The bad news of the trip: no apartment yet, but hopefully that will change quite soon. Anyway, my Missouri apartment is all packed up and almost completely cleared out. That, of course, means my craft supplies are in boxes, so until I get to New York and unpack my things I’ll be doing an embroidery series. In order to make up for lost time I’ll be updating with several posts each day until I’m all caught up. So let’s get to it!

Embroidery is one of my favorite crafting activities. I was introduced to embroidery by a lovely girl named Sarah during our class’s promotion of the documentary Handmade Nation. She taught a few basics and I was hooked. I’m a mostly self-taught embroiderer, so I have to warn you that some of these techniques might not be exactly by-the-book, but they work wonderfully for me!

French knots are very simple and are a nice stitch know. They can be used as embellishments, useful details, and even dots on “i”s! I drew dots on my fabric for a visual.

Stick the threaded needle through the fabric from back to front where you want the knot to be.

Loop the thread as if you’re tying a knot (you actually are). Pull that loose knot to the fabric so it’s tight against the surface and pull the knot tight.

Then tie anther knot around that knot in the same way. Tie 1-3 knots depending on the size you want.

And there’s your “Alie style” french knot! Check out Day 176 post to see the knot in action!




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