Day 174: Bow Embellished Ruler


Supplies: Wood ruler, ribbon, scissors, hot glue


Time: 10 minutes

Before I left for New York I had a marathon crafting session in order to get as many of my projects done. I got a lot done, but I have a few projects to do while I’m here. Today I made a trip to Michael’s to get a few supplies and I’m ready to do some NY crafting! I’m starting with a very simple project. It’s an easy way to spruce up a ruler.

Start by cutting three lengths of ribbon. Two should be 12″ long and the other should be about 2″ long.


Cut the ends of one of the 12″ ribbons into those little pointy things you often see on bows.


Glue that piece of ribbon to the ruler with hot glue. Make sure you don’t cover up the numbers!


Fold the other 12″ ribbon into a large loop and glue the ends together.


Wrap the short piece of ribbon around the middle of that loop. Glue that ribbon in place.


Glue that bow to the ribbon attached to the ruler and go measure stuff!


Back tomorrow with some felt!



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