Day 173: Sewn Paper Greeting Cards


Supplies: Completely blank cards or card stock cut and folded in half, various paper scraps, sewing machine, scissors, glue (optional)


Time: About 10-15 minutes per card

You may recall that on my last venture to New York I stopped by a favorite store of mine called Purl Soho. It is a truly amazing fiber arts store, but it also carries a few artsy non-fiber things. While I was there I bought a lovely greeting card (later given to cousin Gabi as a thank you) embellished with sewn paper. It was beautiful and I knew I wanted to make my own. And as it turns out they’re quite simple and very versatile (my favorite combo).

Start by cutting, folding, and arranging various small pieces of paper and then sewing them together. I used a zig-zag stitch because it draws attention to the sewn aspect of the card. (As I’m writing this post I’m noticing that the pictures I took for this project are pretty terrible. I promise I’ll take new ones when I get home and post them!)


Then attach that paper embellishment to the card. You have free reign here. I sewed the paper piece onto my card, but you could also use glue. It just depends on the look you want to achieve. Also, don’t sew the card together šŸ™‚


If you decided to sew the embellishment to the card you’ll be left with a messy inside:


That’s not particularly attractive, so here’s one way to solve that problem. Cut a rectangle of paper or card stock that is slightly smaller than the open card. Fold it in half and attach it to the inside of the card. I just glued the outside crease of the liner paper to the inside crease of the card. You can also glue the whole liner down.


Now go write so good old fashioned letters!




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