Day 172: Wash Cloth Puppet


Supplies: Bath towel, fabric scissors, embroidery floss, needle, sewing machine

I forgot the supplies picture!

Time: 30 minutes (varies depending on the embroidery you do)

Today I saw a little girl on the street wearing a scarf with a hood with ears attached. It was adorable and the scene was made cuter by the little song she was singing with her dad. But the scarf reminded me of those really cute towels with animal hoods. If I ever have kids I they will absolutely be in possession of such towels. In fact, I’d kind of like an adult-sized one for myself. Unfortunately, my trip to New York left me with little time to prepare two weeks of crafts, so I decided to make a sized-down version of those towels: little animal wash cloth puppets!

Start by tracing a puppet shape around your hand. Make sure you’ll have enough room to fit your hand inside the puppet when it’s sewn. Then cut out the pieces. I didn’t do this (I will in the future), but I recommend putting making the binding on the edge of the towel the bottom seam. Then you won’t have to hem it later!


Embroider a face on one side of the puppet.


If you want to add ears to your puppet just cut out the shapes and pin them inside and between the two pieces of puppet (right sides facing). Sew the pieces together and turn the puppet right side out.


Then go bathe your kid! Childhood bathtime was so fun.




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