Day 171: DIY Glitter Nail Polish


Supplies: Clear nail polish, glitter, piece of plain paper


Time: 10 minutes

The idea of combining nail polish and glitter to create glitter mail polish is not profound, but it is one of those things you just don’t think to do yourself. I rarely wear nail polish unless I need to stop myself from biting my nails, but I still love the idea of DIY nail polish. You don’t really need this tutorial, but here it is anyway!

Fold a plain piece of printer paper in half and make a crease. Then pour a small pile of glitter onto the paper.


Using the crease as a funnel pour the glitter into the nail polish.


Close the bottle and shake up the glitter. Add more if you want. I’m not sure how much you can add before it gets clumpy, but I’d imagine it’s quite a bit.


Then paint your nails! (I apologize for my sad looking hands. It’s the hand washing of food service.)


I will warn you the the texture of the glitter makes it kind of hard to get this nail polish to come off. It’ll come off eventually though!



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