Day 167: Little Bow Ring


Supplies: 1/4″ ribbon, metal ring, E6000 glue


Time: 10 minutes plus drying time

I love the idea of incorporating fabric into jewelry. There are so many gorgeous fabrics out there it seems a shame not to figure out some unique way to show them off. While not everyone wants to wear clothes made from a crazy-patterned fabric most people could easily pull off a pendant made from it. I recently saw a picture of a tiny ribbon bow on a ring and I decided to showcase a pretty bit of ribbon with my own bow ring.

Start by tying a bow. I learned this method of bow-tying some time ago and I really like it. Here’s my best attempt to capture the process and explain it to you.

Cut about 10″ of ribbon. Create two loops in the ribbon (see the picture below) about 1″ apart.


Tie those loops together as you would tie a knot (you know, right over left and such). Pull it tightly and then adjust the size of the loops to your liking. You’ll probably want the bow to be on the small size since it’ll be on a ring.


Put a small dab of E6000 glue onto your ring and press the bow in place.


Wait for the glue to dry and show off your new bow ring!




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