Day 166: Fabric Swatch Organizer


Supplies: Shipping tags, pinking shears, sewing machine, your fabric stash

Time: Varies based on the size of your fabric supply

I don’t know about you, but I have the hardest time keeping my fabric organized. If you want to use fabric from the bottom of the pile you end up taking everything out and you usually have to refold it all. I have a big supply of felt and that’s hard to keep together because felt sticks to everything. And the fabrics at the bottom of the stash are usually forgotten and unused even if they’re lovely. If I had a huge studio space I would set up some kind of wall system that would let me see all my fabric at once. Since I don’t have a huge studio space I have to be creative. Here’s what I did.

Go through your fabric supply and cut out small swatches with pinking shears. Make sure the swatches fit within the shipping tag borders.

When you finish cutting swatches (or when your hands need a break from cutting) take the swatches and shipping tags sans string to the sewing machine. Use a zig zag stitch to attach one swatch to each shipping tag.

Then sort through your new swatch tags and the fabric in your stash and jot down approximately how much of each fabric you have. If you put it under the swatch you can scratch through it and update the amount each time you use it. If you leave some room at the bottom of the tag you can make other notes on your swatches. You might make note of what kind of fabric it is or ideas you have for that particular fabric.

Storage and/or display of these swatches is up to you. Since I’m working on moving right now I’m going to wait until I know what kind of space I’ll have. It would be lovely to hang these (by fabric type, color, etc) on a peg board. You could also use an index card organizer and sort through a small box of swatches rather than a big box of fabric. I can’t wait to get things officially organized when I move!




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