Day 162: Balsa Monogram


Supplies: Balsa wood, printed letter (you could also trace a silhouette), scissors, X-acto knife, scrapbook paper, foam brush, Mod Podge

Time: 30 minutes or so

When I was staying with my cousin a couple weeks ago we had a lovely evening of crafting together. While I worked on a felt project Gabi worked on some doll house furniture for her daughter. Watching her making things out of wood made me want to make something, so I promptly bought some balsa wood and some new X-acto blades. I wanted to make a cut out silhouette, but I don’t seem to have a good silhouette picture in my library. That’ll come later, but today I decided to make a nice letter A for myself.

I started by printing out a big letter A (this is sounding king of like The Scarlet Letter isn’t it?).

I cut out the letter and traced it onto a piece of balsa wood.

Then I cut out the wooden letter. I started by scoring each edge of the letter and then went back over those cuts until the letter came loose.

I traced and cut another letter onto the back of a piece of scrapbook paper and cut that out.

Then I spread a little Mod Podge onto the wood letter and attached the paper letter to the top.

When that dried I covered the paper with a few layers of Mod Podge (I used the shiny kind this time).

Then you can hang it on the wall! You could also use this method to make some really fancy house numbers! The possibilities are endless. So get out your wood tools and go crazy!




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