Day 160: Shrinky Dink Buttons


Supplies: Shrinky Dinks shrink plastic, pencil, spool to trace, scissors, hole punch, sharpies, toaster oven, paper bag

Time: 30-40 minutes

Did you guys play with Shrinky Dinks when you were younger? I don’t think I ever did, but I love the idea of them because they’re awesome and they’re called Shrinky Dinks. What’s not to like? Oh, and coloring is involved! I’m not sure what kids do with their Shrinky Dinks, but I know what I want to do with them. Buttons (among other things).

Trace a spool onto the plastic with a pencil or a fine tip sharpie.

Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the circles and punch holes in them with a hole punch. A single hole punch would be best, but I only have one so I used my three hole punch.

Draw designs on the buttons with sharpies. Remember all the designs will get smaller, so plan accordingly.

Cut a piece of paper bag to line a pan and fold a little piece up so you can pull it out of the oven easily. Place the buttons on the paper.

Bake them according to the instructions on the package and watch them shrink. It was first Shrinky Dink experience and I assume it was only slightly less exciting now than it would have been when I was six.

They're shrinking!!!!!

When the buttons have finished shrinking just let them cool and sew them to things! I think the trees are my favorites.

I can’t wait to make more useful things from Shrinky Dinks! You must go buy some immediately!



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