Day 159: Changeable iPhone Cases


Supplies: Scrapbook paper, ruler, pencil, clear iPhone case, scissors, X-acto knife

Time: 30 minutes or so

Nothing makes me cringe like seeing an iPhone without a case.  I know they’re beautiful (they really are), but they’re made of glass and cracked screens are very sad.  I have a nice case right now, but it’s just a basic black one.  So when I saw a picture of a clear iPhone case with scrapbook paper inserts I ordered a clear case right away (only $3.99 with free shipping)!  Unfortunately, when I opened the case I found that it’s not really protective enough.  I’ll be ordering a new one, but I made the changeable inserts for this case anyway.

Start by tracing the case onto the white side of the paper.  I thought about cutting the circles around the logo, but it kind of interfered with the designs, so I didn’t end up using them.

Use scissors (or an X-acto knife if you prefer) to cut out the shapes.  Make sure you cut slightly within the lines or the paper will be too big.  If sizing is a problem you may have to whip out your ruler and measure your case and your tracings before you cut them.  It’ll vary for different cases.  Using the X-acto knife cut the camera hole very carefully.

Trim any odd or rough edges and stick your favorite design in the case.

Taken with my dad's iPhone.

Now you have an iPhone case you can change to fit your mood or the season.  There are some beautiful scrapbook papers out there, so you’re sure to find tons of patterns you absolutely have to try out!







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