Day 158: DIY Stickers


Supplies: Clear contact paper, masking tape, sharpies, scissors

Time: Varies based on number of stickers you make and the complexity of the designs

Does anyone not like stickers?  Actually, my friend Tracy didn’t like stickers when we were in high school, but maybe she’s come around since then.  But besides Tracy, everyone loves stickers.  People also seem to enjoy doodling and coloring, so you’d think a combination of those three amazing things would be pretty amazing.  Well, you’d be right.  It’s awesome!

If you draw well you can go nuts with sharpies on contact paper.  If you don’t draw so well (like me) hop on the internet and find some designs to trace.  I searched Pinterest for embroidery patterns and found tons of awesome designs!  You can print the designs out before you trace them, but I don’t have an awesome printer and ink is expensive, so I taped the contact paper pieces to the screen with (easily removable) masking tape.  I traced the designs with a fine-tipped black sharpie first.

Then I used colored sharpies to add some color to my stickers.  I found that the colored markers wipe the black marker off sometimes, so you may have to go back over a couple black lines.

Cut around the stickers, peel them off, and stick them all over!  I put one on my computer because these stickers peel off very easily.

Have fun making stickers!  What a great craft for kids!

Stick away!



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