Day 157: Matchbook Notebooks


Supplies: Card stock, ruler, square, X-acto knife, printer paper, pencil, stapler

Time: 30-45 minutes

I love notebooks.  Love them!  And I love tiny things.  So a tiny notebook is a great thing for me.  I’ve played with making matchbook notebooks in the past, but they’ve always just been thrown together with scraps of paper.  So today I made some little matchbook notebooks properly.  I used card stock!  And I actually measured!  Now that I finally have a decent square measuring doesn’t seem so bad!

Start by measuring rectangles on the card stock.  You can make your own measurements, but here are mine.  Draw 1 3/4″ x 3 7/8″ rectangles on the card stock.  Then make small marks along the long sides of the rectangles at 1 1/2″, 1 7/8″, and 1/2″.

Cut out the rectangles with an X-acto knife and ruler.  Then fold them at the marks you made and erase the pencil marks.

Measure and cut small stacks of regular printer paper into 5/8″ x 5/8″ squares.

Put one little stack of paper into the crease of the small part of the card stock.  Secure the pages with a staple near the bottom.

Tuck the top flap into the little bottom flap and decorate your notebooks!

Throw them in your purse or your pockets and you can always jot down little notes!  Have fun with your tiny notebooks!









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