Day 156: Plastic Bag Bag


Supplies: Fabric, fabric scissors, straight pins, 1/4″ elastic, sewing machine, ribbon (optional)


Time: 20-30 minutes

I try to use my own grocery bags as much as possible, but sometimes I forget and I’m left with plastic bags that I shove under my sink. At some point my cat Daphne discovered the bags and has decided to try to get to them by batting at the cabinet door (she has yet to successfully get in). I can see the appeal of a bunch of crinkly bags, but her attempt to get in the cabinet is really loud! I’ve been meaning to make something to hold my plastic bags for months, but a recent leak under the sin and the subsequent removal of a bunch of wet bags lit the fire of inspiration. So today I finally made a plastic bag bag.

Start by cutting a rectangle about 1′ x 2′. Fold about 1″ of fabric over on each of the short sides and press and pin them down.



Sew both ends on the sewing machine. I forgot to take a picture of it, but you might make a loop of ribbon and see it to the top at this point too. Then thread a piece of elastic through one of the closed ends (the one without the ribbon loop). Bunch the fabric around the elastic and pin the ends together.


Sew the ends of the elastic together. Then fold the rectangle in half, right sides facing, and sew them together. Don’t sew through the section with elastic in it. You’ll do that by hand. Press the seam and turn your bag bag right side out.


Stuff your plastic bags inside and you’ve confined your bags to a small and cute bag that can be proudly displayed on your kitchen wall! Or wherever you want…




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