Day 155: Dry Erase Calendar


Supplies: Frame, 35 paint chips, tape, dry erase markers

Time: 30 minutes

It’s the beginning of the new year and that means it’s time for new calendars!  I plan a month of crafts ahead of time and until now I’ve been using printed out calendar pages to schedule my crafting.  That’s okay, but whenever I rearrange or change crafts I have to scratch things out and it gets messy.  So I decided to make a dry erase calendar with paint chips!  Now I can easily erase and rewrite on my fancy new calendar.

Cut the paint chips to the right size to fit in your frame.  You want to have 7 chips across and 5 chips down.  Use an X-acto knife and a square to cut the paint chips.  Then arrange them on a piece of paper and tape them down.  I just used the blank side of the picture that came in the frame.

If you cut each paint chip slightly smaller you can leave small spaces between the chips, but I like the way it looks without the spaces.  It’s like  a quilt!  Put the paint chips in the frame and get ready to schedule your life!

Now I’m ready to plan all of my January crafts and I can change them if I need to.  I love a good calendar and I LOVE this one!







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