Day 152: Ruffled Bookmark


Supplies: Fabric, 1/4” elastic, sewing machine, iron, fabric scissors, straight pins

Time: 20 minutes

I’ve never been much of a reader, but it seems like there’s something about being in New York that makes me want to read.  I always seem to find a cute bookstore and pop in and then I find a book that I finish right away.  This trip was no exception.  I think it’s the subway rides that make me want to read.  So now that I’m reading a little more I thought I should make a bookmark.  So after approximately 16 hours of travel today I got home and made an elastic bookmark with the supplies I had in my suitcase.  Plus a sewing machine and iron of course.

Start by picking an average sized book.  Place a piece of elastic in the center of the book and wrap the ends of the elastic around the outside cover to make a loop.

Then fold and iron ruffles into a piece of fabric making sure the length of the finished ruffle is about the same length as the book cover.  If it’s a little shorter that’s okay, but you don’t want it to be longer.  Pin the elastic along the center of the fabric.

Sew the elastic in place and trim the fabric so it’s 1″-1.5″ wide.

Overlap the ends of the elastic very slightly and sew them together.  Go over the seam several times to make sure the ends stay together.

Then slide the elastic over the book with the elastic on the page you need to mark.

This bookmark is ideal for hardback books, but as long as the elastic isn’t too tight it’ll work just fine on paperbacks.


Happy reading,











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