Day 151: Mod Podge Picture Pendant


Supplies: Beveled pendant, chain, scrapbook paper or your own printed picture, scissors, pencil, mod podge

Time: 20 minutes to make, several days to dry

There are so many materials I want to learn to work with. I’d love to learn all about working with wood, metal, glass, and more. I want to learn to spin my own yarn and weave on a loom and make glass beads. And I’d love to learn to make resin jewelry. Someday I hope to have the money for that kind of experimentation, but for now I thought I’d make my own cheap and easy personalized resin necklace. All you need is Mod Podge and a few days of drying time!

I started this process by trying to trace the pendant onto the reverse side of the paper and cutting it slightly smaller to fit, but that didn’t work. After several attempts I noticed that there was a circle drawn on the cardboard from the pendant’s packaging. I cut that out and it was the size of the inside of the pendant! So I traced that instead. When the circle was traced I cut it out.

Spread a little Mod Podge into the pendant and press the paper circle into the center. Make sure it’s pretty smooth.

Let that layer dry before adding a big blob of Mod Podge on top of the paper. It’ll completely cover up the design, but you’ll be able to see it once the Mod Podge dries. I’m not exactly sure how long my pendant took to dry, but I think it was around four days. You can probably speed up the process by adding thinner layers and each layer dry in between coatings, but I wanted to try this lazier method. If you have time to wait this couldn’t be simpler!

Unfortunately, I managed to get an air bubble and a random piece of purple glitter (glitter pendant, here I come!) in the Mod Podge when I wasn’t looking, but you get the idea. I’m going to try to dig this one out when I get home so I can make an accidental glitter and bubble-free pendant.

So many possibilities! I can’t wait to make more!



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