Day 150: Camera Bag Inserts


Supplies: Large shoulder bag or messenger bag, batting, fabric, iron, sewing machine, pinking shears

Time: 30-40 minutes

Before I left for New York I decided to work on some kind of padded bag so I could take my camera and computer in one bag instead of carrying them separately.  So I searched all over for a suitable bag.  You know, something with a wide bottom to fit the camera and a couple pockets on the outside for my wallet and phone.  I eventually found something with the pockets and a large enough(ish) bottom though it didn’t have a long shoulder strap for easy carrying.  But so far it’s served me pretty well.  The lesson of this story is that if you plan to make a camera bag from a regular bag start the bag hunt early!

Since I’m not in love with the bag I decided to make the padding easily removable so I can eventually put it in another bag.  That has also made it very easy for me to only carry the things I need.  Today it was raining a lot, so I left the electronics at home (my back is thanking me) and just carried my books while yesterday I just took my laptop and the day before I took my camera.  Quite versatile!  I’ll probably add velcro when I find the perfect bag.

So here’s what I did.  I cut a piece of batting long enough to cover both sides of my laptop and then put it between two pieces of fabric.  I did the same for my cameras.

Then I pinned the fabric, sewed the sides together at the edge of the batting, and trimmed the excess fabric with pinking shears.

Then I wrapped up my laptop and cameras and was ready to take to the air!

And there you have it!  Laptop, digital camera, film camera, and purse contents all in one carry on that fit under the seat easily.  While it was rather heavy it was much less cumbersome than carrying things separately.







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