Day 146: Felt Baby Shoes


Supplies: Felt, marker, fabric scissors, regular scissors, this pattern, needle, embroidery floss (if you have the 6-strand kind use only 3 strands), small bit of elastic

Time: 1 hour or less

I’m in New York for awhile, so I took this opportunity to make a pattern from Purl Soho on the day I stopped by Purl Soho!  If you haven’t heard of this store I highly recommend you check out their site.  The pictures of the store will make any fiber craft artist drool.  Shelves and shelves of yarn and so much colorful fabric!  Seriously, check out their site now!  I even happened upon a sample of today’s craft in the store!

Shoes at Purl Soho

After a long day of walking around (ironically shopping for a decent pair of walking shoes) I got back to my cousin Gabi’s apartment to find her making dollhouse jewelry for her daughter Juliette!  We had a lovely night of crafting.  It’s much more fun to craft with other people!

The Purl Soho blog, Purl Bee has a really good tutorial for these shoes and I’d recommend using it, but I’ll provide you with my own shoe-making experience as well.  Start by printing the pattern and cutting it out.  Make sure you transfer the marks on the pattern onto the felt.

Line up the edges of the top and bottom shoes pieces and pin them in place.  Make sure you line up the heel markings from the pattern.

Use the button hole stitch to sew all the way around the shoe.  I couldn’t quite figure out how to take pictures of this process on my own, so I’ll refer you back to the pattern for the buttonhole stitch.

Use a cross stitch to secure an inch of elastic to the inside of the shoe.  The stitches should cover the little dots you made on the fabric (transferred from the pattern).  And you’re done!  I didn’t like the way the shoes pictured above turned out so I took out the seam and redid it tonight.  I decided to add a little heart to one shoe just for fun!

Now if only I could live in Purl Soho and make all the felt shoes I wanted with any color imaginable!


Ps- This would be an excellent last minute gift for someone with a baby!  They come together really quickly, but they look really nice.








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