Day 145: Thread-Wrapped Earrings


Supplies: Plain metal hoop earrings, scissors, embroidery thread, q-tips, E-6000 or other craft glue

Time: 30-40 minutes

Hello from lovely New York!  While I am away from my crafting supplies I have a week’s worth of projects ready to be blogged about!  Yesterday’s pendant combined my love of necklaces with my love of cool fabric.  Today’s craft combines two things that I almost love more than necklaces and fabric.  I love earrings and I love embroidery thread.  So when I saw a picture of thread-wrapped hoop earrings (I can’t seem to find the link, but they were beautiful) I knew I wanted to make some.  They’re very simple and look awesome.  And if you get a pack of cheap hoop earrings you can make a pair for every outfit you have!

Squirt a little craft glue onto a piece of paper or cardboard.  Then cut several q-tips in half (you can also use toothpicks if you have them).  Use the end of the q-tip or toothpick to spread a little dot of glue onto one end of the hoop.  Then wrap a piece of embroidery thread around the gluey part of the earring and allow it to dry.

When that is dry you can continue wrapping the earring.  If you want the earrings to be a single color just continue to wrap the thread all the way around.  I chose to use three colors for this pair, so I glued the end of the thread about 1/3 of the way down the earring.  I did the same with that color on the other side of the hoop.  This part’s pretty simple, but make sure you smooth the little loose threads down and secure them with glue.

Continue to glue and wrap and glue with as many colors as you like in whatever pattern you like.  If you had a lot of patience (and a well-ventilated room because the glue stinks!) you could make some awesome rainbow earrings!

You might want to have some acetone or mineral spirits handy because you might get glue on your hands.  Maybe not though.  I’m the queen of getting paint and glue all over my hands and I kept clean on this one!  I have two more sets of hoops (one square!) and I’m definitely going to make more of these!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a really cute craft and (hopefully) pictures of the store the pattern came from!




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