Day 142: Felt Pickle Ornament- Last Ornament Monday!


Supplies: Green felt (two shades), fabric scissors, hot glue, ribbon

Time: 15 minutes

My family has always had a Christmas tradition involving a pickle ornament. I believe it’s originally a German tradition, so I’m not sure how my non-German family started doing this, but it’s very fun. On Christmas morning my mom would hide the pickle ornaments (one for me and one for my brother) on the tree. We would come downstairs and look for the pickles and as soon as we found them we would get an ornament. We have a very large collection of ornaments now! My family’s pickle ornaments were tin or something, but I decided to make a simple one for my little tree out of felt.

I started by cutting two pickle shapes out of green felt.

Then I cut lots of little green blobs from a slightly darker green felt and glued them to the pickles.

I made a loop of ribbon and glued it to the top inside of one of the pieces.

Then I glued the two sides together.

Then I put my little pickle ornament on my little Christmas tree. My aunt gave me a little string of lights for it, so now it actually feels like a Christmas tree!

I hope these ornament Mondays have given you some ideas for your own decorations. I’ve certainly enjoyed making them!



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