Day 141: Sock Snowman


Supplies: White sock, stuffing, hot glue, ribbon, felt, pom poms, buttons, any decorative items you want to use


Time: 15 minutes

I’m in snowy Chicago because my friend Lisa is getting married today! To pay tribute to the snow, today’s project is a cute little sock snowman. It’s easy and you have free reign over the end result, so this would be a great winter craft for kids.

Start by stuffing the sock. You can make it as large as you want, but I found that filling it to about the heel worked nicely. Knot the sock to keep the stuffing in.


Use ribbon or anything you like to make a scarf. Tie the scarf tightly to create a head on you snowman. Otherwise it’ll look like a sock blob. Add a face and buttons.


Then add a hat to finish off your snowman (that’s what brings it to life, right?). I used felt and ribbon and added a few pom poms to look like berries.


I pulled the knot at the bottom of the snowman toward the back and glued it down. This step is optional, but it’ll look a little nicer and flatten the bottom of the snowman.


Find a place in your decorations to snuggle the snowman and enjoy some handmade holiday decorations!


Make sure you check back tomorrow for a craft that has a lot of sentimental value to me. You might want to start a new tradition in your family!




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