Day 140: Retro Stockings


Supplies: Fabric, sewing machine, fabric scissors, straight pins, regular scissors, tape, ribbon, button, this pattern

Time: 1-1.5 hours

Today’s post is earlier in the day than usual because in a couple hours I’ll be hopping on a bus to Chicago!  My friend Lisa’s wedding is tomorrow!  I’ll get in at around 11 tonight and am looking forward to a night of hanging out with Lisa and Tracy, my two best friends from high school.

But for now I’m still in crafting mode.  Since I have very little Christmas stuff of my own I knew I had to use this stocking pattern the minute I saw it.  I am but a humble beginning sewer, so you must not use this post alone as your guide.  Check out the pattern and instructions here.  But I will show you my rather successful (if I do say so myself) attempt at this pattern.

I started by cutting out the pattern pieces and taping them together.  I pinned the pattern to the fabric and cut out my stocking pieces.

Since I’m already on my way to crazy cat lady world there’s one for me and one for Daphne 🙂  I pinned the pieces together and stitched them up on my sewing machine.  Then I turned the stockings right-side-out and pressed the seams.

I left the top parts of the stockings inside out for the next step.  I folded the raw edges of the top pieces together to make a little cuff.

Then I slid the cuffs onto the stocking bodies with the raw edges together.  This is where I was a little lost with the pattern, but I think I made it work.  I sewed the edges together…

And then folded the seam inside the stocking so it wouldn’t show.  I ironed it down and it looked lovely!

Then I added little loops of ribbon for hanging.  I used some sheer gold ribbon and a couple cute buttons like the pattern suggests.  I love that button!  I have no idea where it came from, but I’d like to find another please!

Then I stuck a couple push pins in the wall and hung my stockings by the chimney with care.  Actually, I don’t have a fireplace, so I put them over my bed.  Good luck filling those stockings without waking me up, Santa!

I love this pattern!  I highly suggest trying it out.  It’s really quite simple!




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