Day 139: Felt Christmas Twirls


Supplies: Felt, ruler, scissors, sharpie

Time: 20 minutes

Today is Christmas!  Well, it is for my family.  We’re all going to be in different places for actual Christmas, so we decided to celebrate today.  We had a lovely dinner at our favorite restaurant and went to my brother’s house for apple crisp and ice cream.  It was quite lovely.  So in celebration of my family’s early Christmas I thought I’d make a Christmas-y felt decoration that I saw on Purl Bee (part of Purl Soho, which is an awesome fiber craft store in New York!).  I don’t have a rotary cutter, which is recommended for this project, but I think I made it okay without one.  If you have one you should probably use it though.  On to the decorations!

Measure and mark long strands of felt in several contrasting colors.  Make them about 1” wide and draw them along the long side of the felt pieces.

Cut out the strips, making sure you get all the marker cut off.  If you have a rotary cutter you don’t need to mark on the felt.  Just rotary cut away!  Lay the strips of felt out in pairs of contrasting colors.  I went with a simple red/white, green/white combo.

Then roughly measure along each pair of strands and mark lines for slits.  Skip the first inch then mark a 2″ line.  Skip another inch and draw another 2″ line.  When you finish that pattern on the whole strand it’s time to cut.  Again, this would be easier with a rotary cutter.  I think it would also look a little nicer with one, but sometimes crafters have to make do!

Now it’s time to make the strands twirly!  Fold one end of the strand over and pull it through the slit.  You should be left with something like this:

Continue to fold the whole strand over and tuck it through each slit until your whole felt strip is twirly.

I think these would look really nice if you rounded the corners at the end and hung them in the window like icicles.  You could also glue them together to make a garland like Purl Bee suggests.  I love how simple these are, but they look so magical!  I really do love felt.

Merry Christmas!



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