Day 138: DIY Gift Bags


Supplies: Scrapbook paper, ruler, square, pencil, scissors, glue, eyelet punch, colorful cord, small piece of cardboard

Time: 30 minutes

I’m not great at wrapping presents.  I can usually get one side of the gift wrap to look good, but the other side tends to look crumpled and messy.  (That was rather unfortunate when I worked at a drugstore that offered free gift wrapping.  Though I did know how to make awesome bows on our bow machine.)  I don’t love gift bags, so I usually attempt the wrapping, but I have officially found my solution.  These awesome DIY gift bags inspired by Crafty Feelings’ newspaper gift bags satisfy my handmade wrapping needs, but they actually look good!

I started this endeavor by trying to make the newspaper bag, but it looked terrible.  Apparently other people have prettier and less crumply newspapers in their cities…  So I grabbed a sheet of holiday scrapbook paper and made my own version.

I cut a rectangle about 12” x 7”.  I then measured and folded the paper as follows:

Across the long sides mark 3″, 2.5″, 3″, 2.5″, and then .5″.  Across the short sides mark 1.25″, 4.5″, 1.25″.  You can play around with these measurements to get bags of different shapes and sizes.

Fold one of the 1.25″ sides over and glue it down.  I used hot glue because it dries quickly, but you can use any kind of glue.

Fold the paper into a bag shape, using the .5″ tab for glue.

Turn the bag over and tuck in the shorter sides like a present (not this again!). Cut a piece of cardboard slightly smaller than the bag.  Glue that to the folded flaps on the inside of the bag.

Fold the other sides over and glue them down.

Oops! My flaps were a little too short on this try!

Then I added some eyelets to make it look super fancy!  Two eyelets on each side.

Add some cord for your handles and pack up your new gift bag!  I was disappointed in the newspaper bag attempt, but I’m thrilled with this little bag!  Successful crafting feels good!

Have fun giving handmade gifts in handmade bags!



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