Day 137: Dyed Button Wedding Earrings


Supplies: Buttons, Rit dye, earring hooks, jump rings, embroidery floss

Time: 30 minutes- 1 hour

Sunday is my friend Lisa’s wedding!  She’s the first of my friends to tie the knot and I’m really excited about going to a wedding with friends.  My mom and I had a surprisingly successful dress shopping trip on Sunday, so today I decided to make some earrings to go with the wedding outfit.  I don’t have a lot of pretty buttons right now, so I thought I’d try dying some of the white ones I had.

I started by pouring a good amount of red dye into hot water on the stove.  Then I plopped by buttons in and stirred them around for awhile.

When I took the buttons out of the dye and rinsed them off they were a vintage-y peach color.  It’s hard to tell what color buttons will be when you dye them because different button materials take the dye differently.  The color I got wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for, but it looks nice!

At first I thought I would use wire to hang the buttons, but then I decided to add a softer touch by using embroidery thread instead.  I threaded a piece of embroidery floss through one button hole and tied it in a surgeon’s knot.

If you want to faces of the buttons to face front, attach two (or zero) jump rings to each earring hook.  If you want the button faces to face the side you only need to attach one jump ring to each hook.  I used one jump ring.

I threaded the jump ring (attached to an earring hook) onto on end of the embroidery floss and tied the buttons to the hooks.

Tie them with surgeon’s knots (they’re stronger) and snip the ends.  New earrings!

And a front-facing camera modeling shot:

I’m officially prepared for this wedding!  I’m a terrible shopper, so I’m delighted by how easy this was.  I’m ready to head to Chicago!











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  1. YYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!! They’re awesome! I can’t wait to see the dress that goes along with them. See you in Chicago! 🙂

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