Day 136: Patchwork Pillow


Supplies: 3 fat quarters, stuffing or pillow form, sewing machine, paper, tape, square, ruler


Time: 1 hour

My roommate my first two years of college was a quilter. If you ever see a picture with my bed in the background you’ll see a quilt that she made on the bed (thanks Katie!). I’m not skilled enough/don’t like to measure enough to attempt quilting, but today I did my best to attempt a patchwork pillow. I think my “measurements” were off by about 1/4″, but I think the overall result was rather successful.

Start by sketching a pattern. I decided to do a little triangle thing. I measured, cut, and taped paper into a square and cut four large triangles from the square.

I pinned the pattern pieces to the fabric, two on each fabric pattern, then cut them out.


Pin two of the triangles together (one of each fabric pattern) and sew them up.


Then sew those two pieces together. You want triangles of the same fabric to be opposite each other.


Pin cut out a square of fabric for the back of the pillow, pin it, and sew it, leaving a small opening for the stuffing.


Stuff the pillow and use an invisible seam to close up the opening. Patchwork pillow!


My first quilt-like thing! Yay!



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