Day 135: Glitter Bulb Ornaments- Ornament Monday!


Supplies: Glass Christmas bulbs, spray adhesive, glitter, craft wire, newspaper to catch the mess, printer paper, painter’s tape

Time: 20-30 minutes plus drying time

Today is the fourth ornament Monday!  I can’t even explain to you how excited I’ve been about this project.  Several weeks ago I saw a picture of glittery Christmas bulbs in a vase for a center piece.  They were so beautiful I knew I wanted to make some to hang on my tiny tree.  Be excited!Start by covering your work space in newspaper.  Then cover the metal part of each bulb with painter’s tape.

Spray the first bulb with spray adhesive.  If you have rubber gloves you might want to wear them to keep the glue off your hands.  It’s hard to get off!

Hold the bulb above a piece of paper with a crease down the middle.  Sprinkle glitter over the sticky bulb, turning the bulb to coat it thoroughly.

Use the folded piece of paper to pour the glitter back into the container when you’re finished with that color and move on to the next bulb.

Let the bulbs dry for several hours before taking the tape off.  Then gently wrap craft wire around the base of the bulb, making a loop so you can hang the bulbs on the tree.

When I started to hang the bulbs I decided they didn’t look lovely enough on my sad little tree, so I decided to hang them in the window to replace my felt acorns.  I think they look lovely despite the ugliness of my front window.  The sun will make them sparkle!

I love these ornaments!  It was one of those awesome projects that turns out just as wonderfully as I expected!

Off to vacuum glitter out of the carpet!





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