Day 134: Sponge Stamp Wrapping Paper


Supplies: Newsprint, paint, sponges, fabric scissors

Time: 20-30 minutes plus drying time

I used to work at a local drugstore that sold cards, knick knacks, and gift wrap in addition to pharmacy stuff.  I was always shocked at how ridiculously expensive wrapping paper can be!  I’d much rather make my own.  I do like how store bought paper looks, but if you have very little money to spare it’s just not worth it.  And if you have kids it would be much more fun to make personal wrapping paper with them.  So today’s project is a great, easy way to make wrapping paper inspired by the note cards my second grade class made years and years ago (we were learning about assembly lines)!

Get some sponges and draw shapes on them.  Then cut out the shapes with fabric scissors.  Cutting sponges is really awkward by the way.

Squirt some paint onto a paper plate or piece of aluminum foil if you’re me and you don’t have paper plates.  Coat one side of a sponge shape in paint and stamp it several times on a piece of newsprint or butcher paper.  Do the same with as many sponges and colors as you want.

Let the paper dry and wrap up your presents!

I wrapped up this lovely gift and gave it to my mom… so she could continue reading her library book.  We’re not doing presents this year, so I had to wrap a phony gift.  I hope you’ll have some fun making your own wrapping paper!









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