Day 133: Felt Embellished Gift Tags


Supplies: Shipping tags, felt, glue, scissors

Time: 10 minutes or so

Today’s craft is nice and simple and is a good way to add a handmade touch to your gifts this year.  (Note: come back tomorrow for another gift wrapping project.)  So today I’m making felt embellished gift tags.  They’re really easy, so this post will be short. 

Pick up some shipping tags at your favorite office supply store.  Cut shapes out of felt and glue them to the tags.  You can make anything and kids can get involved too!

When your gifts are wrapped just write the recipient’s name on the back of the tag and tape it to the gift or stick it under a bow.  Done!

That’s my pretend gift (actually a book) and pretend tape (my finger) to demonstrate since I don’t have an actual gift wrapped right now.







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