Day 131: Paper Christmas Tree


Supplies: Green card stock, dowel rod (a chop stick would also work well), empty spool, compass, pencil, scissors

It looks like a green screen!


Time: 30 minutes

I think I’m officially in the holiday spirit.  It helps that my family’s Christmas celebration is next Friday, but I think it’s mostly due to the cold weather and the Christmas episodes of my favorite shows this week.  Anyway, today’s project has been on the schedule for awhile now, so I’m glad my holiday spirit has kicked in.  It’s a little paper Christmas Tree!

First draw five circles.  You should make one of each of the following sizes: 6”, 5”, 4”, 3”, 2”.  This project made me really want a circle punch!  I used a compass to draw circles, but my compass happened to belong to my brother many many years ago and likes to change size while you’re drawing with it.  But I managed to get correctly sized circles and I cut them out by hand.  While Martha’s circle punch method would be much easier and faster, I’ll show her I can do things the slow way!

Then you’ll fold the circles.  Martha’s tutorial says to fold each circle in half four times.  I don’t know what kind of card stock she’s folding, but mine doesn’t fold in half four times very well.  Instead I folded each circle in half once, turned the circle 90° and folded it in half again.  Then I created another set of perpendicular folds between the first set of folds.  Keep folding the circle in half between those four folds.  This doesn’t make a lot of sense, but as long as you have an even number of folds you’re okay.  Alternate mountain fold and valley folds around the circles so they look like this:

Cut the tips of the now folded cones so the dowel will fit through the holes.  Then stack the cones, smallest first, on the dowel.

Secure each layer in place with a little hot glue on the inside right along the dowel.

When all of the layers are on the dowel attach the bottom of the dowel to the inside of the spool.

Then you can glue a bead to the top of the tree and decorate it with small beads and glue.

If you want a thinner tree you just need to make fewer folds.  I like my fat little tree though!  It looks like a cartoon tree!  Getting in the spirit yet?




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