Day 130: Pom Pom Wreath


Supplies: Cardboard, yarn, small sharp scissors, big strong scissors or X-acto knife, wreath form, hot glue

Time: 1 hour

Since yesterday was the first snow of the season it only seems appropriate to replace my fall fabric wreath with a new winter one. I enjoy making yarn pom poms and their frequent appearance on winter hats makes them the perfect thing to use for a wreath.  (Note: I want to apologize for the shoddy pictures today, but I have a killer migraine, so I had to make this quick today.)

Start by making a pile of pom poms from yarn. Way back at the beginning of this process I did a pom pom tutorial that you can check out here.

Then use hot glue to attach the pom poms in a nice pattern to a foam wreath form.

When you only have about 2” of exposed foam left tie a long strand of yarn around the foam and glue it down.

Then continue to glue pom poms over the string and hang up the lovely wreath! Since I had little jingle bells in my craft stash I decided to glue some on for an extra little something special.  It was dark by the time I finished my wreath, so I’ll get a picture up tomorrow. For now, here it is on my coat hook.

And now for the winner of last week’s fabric button bracelet! The winner is… Valerie! Congratulations Valerie!  Send me an email ( with your address and the bracelet will be on its way shortly!






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