Day 129: (T)wine Bottle (get it?)


Supplies: Empty wine bottle, twine, hot glue

Time: 20 minutes

During hardware week I made a necklace out a of spring.  I had originally planned to make it a ring and call it a (sp)ring, but it pinched, so that pun was not to be.  But today is my second chance!  Today’s (t)wine bottle vase is inspired by an idea I saw in a Lion Brand Yarn catalogue over a year ago.  The catalogue had pictures of beautiful yarn-wrapped bottles, which I made last year.  Today I wanted to make a more rustic look by wrapping my wine bottle (actually from sparkling cranberry juice since I don’t like wine) in twine.

Start by gluing the end of the twine to the bottom edge of the bottle.

Wrap the twine around the whole bottom edge, gluing the twine in place about every half inch.  Once the first round is done you should be able to wrap without glue for awhile.  Wrap and wrap and wrap until the bottle starts to curve.

At this point you’ll need a little more glue.  Whenever the twine refuses to stay in the right place just pop a little dot of glue under it.  When the neck straightens out you’ll be able to lose the glue again and then when you get to the very top you’ll need a little more glue.  Finish covering the whole bottle in twine, glue the end in place and you have a new vase!

I made this while hanging out at my parents’ house, which was convenient because my mom has the perfect wood flowers for this vase!  It’s in the picture.

Two best things of my day: First snow of the season!!! and my heat finally got fixed successfully.  I can sleep without socks and gloves tonight!

Stay warm,







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