Day 128: Hex Nut Snowflake Ornament- 3rd Ornament Monday


Supplies: Hex nuts (1 large, 6 medium, 6 small), craft wire, needle nose pliers, wire cutters

Time: 30 minutes or so

It’s ornament Monday number three!  Several weeks ago I saw the picture from this article on Craftgawker and I knew I had to make one.  It’s one of the most beautiful made-from-hardware items I’ve seen!  So today I made a beautiful hex nut snowflake ornament.

It’s a pretty simple process.  It’s mostly wrapping wire.  Here’s the layout of the hex nuts:

Tie the medium hex nuts to the sides of the large hex nut with wire.  I twisted the ends of the wire together in the back to keep everything together.  If you have a soldering iron you could use that too.  I do not.

Then attach one small hex nut to each medium hex nut to complete the snowflake.

You could also tie each medium hex nut to the one beside it, but my fingers were sore, so I decided not to.  It’s just going to hang on a tree after all.  Speaking of hanging on trees, here’s my snowflake ornament (with a wire loop attached) on my tiny tree.

I’m quite satisfied with my hex nut snowflake.  I was hoping to use gold hex nuts to match my gold wire, but they only had silver.  And I actually really like the way it looks!  I hope you consider making one of these.  It’s one of those projects that makes you feel really good because it looks so nice in the end.






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