Day 127: Bead and Ribbon Garland


Supplies: Ribbon (1/4” wide), beads, embroidery thread, needle (make sure the eye of the needle fits through the beads)

Time: 30 minutes or more depending on the length of your garland

My favorite part of a Christmas tree is the lights. My mom and I always loved to leave the lights in the room off in the morning and just turn on the tree lights. We’d sit in the living room and enjoy their peaceful glow. Ornaments are fun, but lights are the best. Unfortunately, lights cost money. So today I decided to use an idea I’ve seen as a bracelet around the internet to make a colorful garland. It’s not quite as good as lights, but my tree is only a foot tall…

Start by threading the needle with a piece of embroidery floss several feet long. Place the end of a piece of ribbon onto the needle.

Scoot the ribbon to the bottom of the needle and stack a bead on top of the ribbon.

Fold the long end of the ribbon on top of the bead to make a little ribbon cave for the bead.

Scoot the beads and ribbon onto the embroidery thread. Place another bead on the ribbon and fold the ribbon over that bead. Keep stacking beads and folding ribbon until your garland is long enough for your tree.

You could also make several shorter lengths and tie them into loops to hang on the tree as ornaments!

I hope you’re enjoying a handmade holiday season so far!




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