Day 126: Puff Paint Window Decals


Supplies: Wax paper, puff paint, printed design (optional)

Time: 5+ minutes to draw, 4+ hours to dry

When I was younger I came across a cool craft item that I loved. It was a faux stained glass kind of thing. You squeezed a little tube of paint onto smooth surface in a design, let it dry, filled it in with colored paint, and then peeled your designs off and stuck them to a window. The paint was translucent, so it was like stained glass… That was a terrible description, so here’s a picture from the internet.

I thought those things were do fun! I think there’s still one of my brother’s name on his bedroom window at my parents’ house. So today I thought I’d recreate all that childhood excitement with some puff paint window decals for winter!

Lay a piece of wax paper onto a table and use puff paint (the kind with the squeezy tip) to draw any design you like. You can freehand it or you can trace any design you want. Print out the design and place it under the wax paper. I drew snowflakes (one of the very very few things I can draw) so I didn’t use a printed design.

I used Scribblers puff paint because it has a very small tip. If the tip of the puff paint is too big it’ll glob up and take forever to dry.  I let my decals dry while I was at work tonight and then peeled them off of the wax paper.

Stick each decal onto the window!  This was way more fun than it probably should have been.  It would be an awesome project for kids.








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