Day 125: Tiny Scrunchies


Supplies: Fabric, round elastic cord, fabric scissors, sewing machine, needle/thread

Time: 20 minutes each

It’s about time for another Etsy craft!  I recently saw a tutorial for tiny scrunchies and thought they would be perfect for the shop.  And they’re really easy!  If you make your own kids clothes you could easily make a little matching scrunchy!

Start by cutting a strip of fabric about 2” wide and 8-10” long.

Fold the very ends of the short sides of the fabric over and iron them down.  This will make the invisible seam at the end easier.

Fold the strip in half, right sides facing and pin it in place.

Sew a tube about 1/4″ wide.  Trim the excess fabric and turn the tube right side out.

Cut a piece of elastic 8-10″ long and string it through the tube of fabric.

Scrunch the fabric together and tie a knot in the elastic.  You want the elastic to make a circle about 1″ in diameter.

Sew an invisible seam along the open ends of fabric.  Easy peasy scrunchies!

These will be going up on Etsy soon.  Hopefully over the weekend!

Happy Friday,



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