Day 124: Any Color Chalkboard Paint


Supplies: Paint, non-sanded grout, paintbrush, anything you want to be a chalkboard

Time: About 30 seconds to make the paint. Painting/drying time varies.

I think we can all agree that chalkboard paint is pretty awesome. Now that chalkboards have joined cassette tapes, lack of internet, and overhead projectors in the happy land of my childhood memories they’re kind of a novelty and rather fun to put in unexpected places. I spray painted my dorm room mini fridge with chalkboard paint and my cousin in Brooklyn has an awesome chalkboard wall covered in cool chalk designs. One of my favorite chalkboard things floating around the internet lately is wine glass bases dipped in chalkboard paint so people can mark their glasses. And probably the biggest chalkboard related project on the web these days is DIY chalkboard paint. You can make any color paint into chalkboard paint quite easily. I usually shy away from trends, but this sounds pretty awesome to me!

Simply mix some non-sanded grout into a little paint. My mind was in the gutter today and I forgot to take a picture of this step (kind of the only step), but I think I can get my message across verbally. Recipes I read online called for 2 Tbsp grout and 1 cup paint. I had a half-used paint sample with about 1/4 cup of paint, so I whittled it down to 1 part grout to 8 parts paint or 1/2 Tbsp grout for 1/4 cup paint.

Mix the grout in thoroughly. If your paint container has a handy lid you can just shake it on up like they do at the paint store! Then paint smooth layers of the paint onto whatever you’d like to write on.

I bought 7 little wooden ovals at Hobby Lobby so I can keep track of my weekly crafting plans without wasting paper. As I was painting the ovals I was a little concerned that it wasn’t going to work as a chalkboard.

When the paint was dry I whipped out my hand dandy chalk.

Dustless? Really?

I wrote out my crafts for the week…

And sure enough the chalk wipes right off! Amazing!

I love the way my new craft planning system looks now that it’s complete! Next up: chalkboard labels on jars of things in the kitchen!

I really wanted to add a “chalk it up to…” joke in this post, but I couldn’t think of one. You can chuckle to yourself anyway though.

Happy chalking!


Ps- It would be so cool to add grout to a whole can of paint and paint a kids room with it!  Or you could paint three walls with regular paint and then add the grout for the fourth wall!  It’s a shame I don’t want to have kids…








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