Day 123: Fabric Button Bracelet Giveaway!!


Supplies: Bracelet with bevels, E6000, fabric, scissors, button blanks

Time: 30 minutes plus several hours for drying

If you’ve been reading for awhile you know that I really enjoy making fabric buttons. This time last year I didn’t even know making your own fabric buttons was a thing, but it’s kind of awesome. Any fabric you see can easily be made into a button, jewelry, decorations. So many things! So today it’s going to be a bracelet. I can’t find the article where I originally saw this, but kudos to the internet person who introduced me to these beveled bracelets. They’re perfect for fabric button embellishment!

Start by making enough fabric buttons (with the button part on the back removed) for the circles on the bracelet. Button blanks usually come with instructions, but if you need an illustrated version check out my past post on fabric button earrings.

Glob a generous amount of E6000 glue onto the back of each button.

Stick each glued button onto one of the circles on the bracelet.  In original picture I saw of this bracelet the buttons were slightly smaller than the circles on the bracelet, so the buttons fit just inside the circles.  My button blanks are slightly larger, but I thought it would probably work.  And it did!  Just make sure you check your button blanks/bracelet to make sure it’ll work.

Since my buttons were a little larger than the circles I couldn’t lay the bracelet flat (there’s just barely not enough space- just barely!), so I had to curve it around a little to let it dry.  It doesn’t really matter because the bracelet will be curved around your wrist anyway.

When the glue is dry it’s bracelet time!

And the clasp.

And it’s a giveaway day!  If you’d like to have this bracelet just leave a comment and I’ll pick a random winner next Wednesday.




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  1. Alie, I love your blog so much! I have done a few of your projects (the t-shirt yarn is my favorite so far!). This bracelet is so great!

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