Day 122: Doll House Necklace


Supplies: Doll house items, wire, necklace chain, needle-nose pliers

Time: 15 minutes

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I really love miniature things.  I never had a doll house because I didn’t really play with dolls (I played with toothbrushes instead of dolls…), but I just loved tiny things.  Still do.  Did you know they have doll house electrical outlets?  Tiny little outlets!  Anyway, sometime last week I saw a picture of the hammer necklace in this article and I knew I wanted to make one.

I picked a little doll house sewing set.  Look at the tiny dress form!

I picked the tiny scissors.  I cut about 8 inches of wire and wrapped it around one of the scissor handles.  I did my best to make a nice looking loop of wire at the top.

I clearly need to work on my wire working skills, but I now have a lot of wire so I can practice.  I threaded the necklace chain through the loop in the wire and you’ve got a new necklace!

A tiny scissors necklace!

Happy Tuesday,








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