Day 121: Paint Drip Ornaments- 2nd Ornament Monday!


Supplies: Glass ball ornaments, paint, cups/glasses

Time: 15 minutes plus some drying time

It’s the second Ornament Monday!  The idea for today’s ornament is ridiculously easy yet beautiful and comes from here.  And I bought a tiny fake Christmas tree for $5 at Hobby Lobby, so this week you get to see the ornament in action!

Start by pulling the top off of one glass ball.  Then squirt some paint into the bottom of the ornament.

Tip/swirl the ornament around, dripping the paint along the insides of ornament.

When you’ve made a pattern you like on the inside of the ornament turn it back the right way.

Let the ornament dry for awhile.  There will probably be quite a bit of extra pain, so it’ll take awhile to dry.  Luckily, you don’t really have to wait for it to dry completely before you hang it up!  Once it’s dry enough for your liking, pop the top back onto the ornament.  By the way, a cup is a good place to put your ornaments while they dry.

And now for the tree!  It’s quite small and a little Charlie Brown-ish, but it’s a place to display my ornaments.  When I put these ornaments on the tree Daphne noticed that it was there for the first time and she’s rather curious.  Hopefully I don’t find it on the floor!

I hope you guys are enjoying Ornament Mondays so far.  I’m excited about next week’s ornament!









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  1. I’ve done this using smaller amounts of several colors in each bulb. The most striking was were I used smaller amounts of glossy cream, gold and copper paints (drying between each application) and covered the whole inside. They came out great!
    I’m really enjoying your blog!

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