Day 120: Cardboard Wall Flowers


Supplies: Several empty toilet paper rolls (flattened), scissors, hot glue, spray paint

Time: 15-20 minutes to make, a couple hours to dry

Today’s project required planning!  I’ve been collecting toilet paper rolls for awhile now and luckily I had enough by the time I’d planned to make my TP roll craft!  It’s a lovely little wall decoration that I’ve been seeing around the internet for several months.  And thanks to this craft I’m the proud owner of a can of spray glitter paint!  And it’s easy, so here we go.

Start by flattening the rolls.  Then cut them into pieces.  I found that four pieces per roll was a good amount, but you can probably get five per roll if you want to make flatter flowers.

Using a little hot glue at a folded edge of each cut piece attach five cardboard pieces together to make a flower shape.

Get out your spray paint and some newpaper to put under the cardboard flowers.  Shake up the paint and spray your cardboard flowers.  There are a lot of nooks and crannies on these flowers, so make sure you paint them from many angles so you cover the whole thing.  I used a silver glitter paint!

When the paint is completely dry you can hang them on the wall.  Place a small nail where you want the flower to be and hang the flower on the nail.

I did a nice little trail of flowers down the wall near the entrance to my craft room.

If I had a large empty wall I’d make even more of these flowers and scatter them across the entire wall.  It was a cloudy day and the lighting in my apartment is terrible, so the pictures don’t look great, but I promise these are really pretty!  Hang on to those toilet paper rolls!  You can do all kinds of cool things with them!




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