Day 119: Crepe Paper Ribbon


Supplies: Crepe paper, cardboard tube, power drill, scissors

Time: Will depend on how much you make, but it can be done quickly

My mom’s friend Beth is the best gift wrapper I’ve ever met.  She always has the prettiest paper and she knows how to make the coolest decorations for her presents.  One of my favorite things she uses is raffia ribbon.  It makes everything look so nice and earthy!  I recently saw a tutorial for making your own crepe paper twine with a power drill and I thought it would be fun to make some for gift wrapping next month.

Just stretch a length of crepe paper across the room, then set something heavy on top of the crepe paper roll.  Twist the very end of the crepe paper and tighten it into the drill.

Stand across the room to straighten out the crepe paper and turn on the drill.  Keep it on until the crepe paper is twisted tightly.

Once it’s twisted tightly, cut the twisted part off of the crepe paper roll and wrap it around a cardboard tube (a paper towel roll will work nicely).

Keep making more lengths of crepe paper ribbon until you have as much as you want.  You could also have someone hold the crepe paper roll to make longer lengths of ribbon, but I think this is a little easier since you probably won’t need terribly long pieces.

I didn’t have a box to wrap up, so here’s a gift bag with some crepe paper ribbon!

I think it will look much better on a box.  Yay raffia ribbon!

Happy Saturday,








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