Day 117: Birthday Purse!


Supplies: 1/2 yard exterior fabric, 1/2 yard lining fabric, 1 yard fusible interfacing, magnetic snap, sewing machine, matching thread, ironing board, iron, straight pins, fabric scissors

Time: several hours depending on your sewing ability

It’s my mom’s birthday! My mom loves bags, so I really wanted to make a purse for her. I was a little nervous about this project because I’m not the strongest seamstress and my attempts at sewing have often failed miserably. But a search on Pinterest led me to this really awesome free pattern called the Phoebe bag. I was pretty sure I could make it successfully and I DID! I can’t wait to give this bag to my mom!

If I were to do a step-by-step picture walk through of this bag the post would go on forever, so I’ll just do a quick overview. You should really check out the pattern. It’s so clearly explained that even I can do it successfully!

There’s a simple printable pattern that you tape together and pin to the fabrics and interfacing. You line up the center of the pattern with the fold of the fabric to get a whole side of the purse.

I used a damp cloth and a hot iron to fuse the interfacing to the lining.

I successfully made my first darts!

I think my favorite part of the process was when I sewed the outside fabric pieces together and it actually looked like a bag!

I thought I took more pictures between that one and the finished purse, but I guess I was too excited! Are you ready? Here’s my first successful pattern sewing project! Yay!

Here’s the cool magnetic snap closure.

And the inside pocket.

I’m really proud of myself and I am so excited to give my mom her new bag! Happy birthday, Mom!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Thanksgiving!

Best wishes,



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  1. Thank you so much Alie. I LOVE the purse!!!! It has the perfect pockets inside and I love the size. Great craftmanship! I’m proud of you!

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